… BUY, SELL, SWAP & FREE for Islanders

Buy, Sell, Swap & Free is intended to be a simple component of the St Huberts Island Residents Association Inc’s website.

All we intend to do with this mini-website is to connect together Islanders who have items to buy/sell/swap/give away with other people out there in “The Cloud”.

We want –

  • this to be easily and quickly moderated by any Committee member.
  • the buyer/seller/swapper/freer(!) to have full control of their transaction with interested “parties”.
  • no website comments or contact between Islander and interested parties. That is… only direct contact between the two parties to keep this simple.

Buying/Selling/Swapping/Freeing(!) Islanders need to provide –

  • a description of the item or items you want to buy/sell/swap/give away.
  • your contact details which interested people can use, whether it be address, email, Facebook page or phone number. These contact details will be published on the website so they can contact you directly.
  • a clear photo or photos of the item/s involved.