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Website last updated: Monday 20 September 2021

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December 2021 Newsletter OUT NOW -  AVAILABLE in FULL COLOUR  here...
Climate Change & Council - Check it out here... TO BE A MAJOR ISSUE THIS YEAR
OUR Island Bridge update - see "Our Island Bridge" page to find out what's happening.
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to "re-afforest" the Island here...

Meeting Minutes and MORE - here...
Print a Map of the Island! -  here...
Print a Map of Brisbane Water (and Terrigal Haven) - here...

Instant Notices...

  • Sunday January 29 2022 - SunsetSips 2022 #1 at Solstice Park - 5 pm
  • Thursday March 10 2022 - Annual General Meeting at Cove Hall - 7:30 pm
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Sad to report that on Thursday evening 20 January 2022, two cars in Nautilus Crst were vandalised, with:
  • one car broken into and contents stole,
  • the other car stolen, and dumped nearby after contents stolen
Both cars were parked at the front of the house. All Island residents should ensure their cars are fully secured. Even though we live in paradise, we are still sometimes, at risk.

  SunsetSips 2022#1 @ Solstice Park
5pm Saturday 29 January 2022

With the sun setting at 8.01pm, get to Solstice at 5pm so you have time to:
Bring your:
  • Chair
  • Hat
  • Sunnies
  • Beverages
  • Nibbles
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Meet your new neighbours
  • Renew pre-COVID friendships
  • Enjoy FREE bubbles, Ladies bring your champagne glasses
  • Feast on a free sausage sizzle -with BBQed onions!

Annual General Meeting Thursday 10 March at 7.30pm, at the Cove Hall


We need Island residents to be interested in their Island, their houses, their biggest asset, and their futures.

SHIRA NEEDS YOU, and you need SHIRA.  The SHIRA committee consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Officer
  • Committee members (3 to 6) who work in the back room of SHIRA.

At the meeting, all positions will be declared vacant.  Some office holders are now in their 80’s and are looking for younger Island residents to step up.
SHIRA needs you to get interested in your Island and your houses and future.              


For the benefit of OUR ISLAND and YOU and your FAMILY, our new Committee voted in at this Thursday’s AGM, need to continue with asking/ pestering Council.

WE NEED A STRONG COMMITTEE to continue in the footsteps of the outgoing Committee.

Annual General Meeting 2022                           Nomination of Committee Members to the New Committee


Nominations for the election of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee members


Person Proposed:      _______________________________             For Position:     ________________________________

Nominated by (two Members of the Association):



_______________________________                                _____________________________

(nominator name)                                                                      (nominator signature)



_______________________________                               ______________________________

(nominator name)                                                                     (nominator signature)



Consent of the Candidate:     ____________________________

         (candidate signature)



Deliver or scan/ email to the Secretary before the day of the AGM at:    OR    Geoff at 25 Mercator Pde ______________________________________________________________________

Note: Nominators and Nominees MUST be paid-up Members of the Association


Become a Member of your Association  HERE...

Welcome to St Huberts Island 


St Huberts Island is located within the Brisbane Water at its southern end. Its closest neighbour is Ettalong and is less than five kilometres from both Umina and Woy Woy, the latter being the nearest railway station on the main northern line.

Brisbane Water and its surrounding areas lie within the City of Gosford (in the newly created Central Coast Council area), which constitutes a major part of the Central Coast of New South Wales. The general area bounded by Ettalong, Umina and Woy Woy is known as the Woy Woy Peninsular.                                                           

At the extreme southern end of the peninsular is Patonga, which is within sight of Lion Island and Palm Beach.

While the Woy Woy Peninsular lies only a matter of some 40 kilometres by sea from the Sydney CBD, this distance is increased to nearly 100 kilometres for road and rail travellers due to the nature of the intervening terrain which encompasses Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River with its many inlets and precipitous gorges.