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Website last updated: Wednesday 3 March 2021
    *  AGM now POSTPONED, and ePetition update

   * The first of many items about the CCC's Flood policies

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Central Coast Council Judicial Inquiry Petition successful.  Over 20,000 signatures means it will be debated in and webcast from the Legislative Assemby @ 4pm Thursday 6 May 2021. More here...
2021 AGM POSTPONED - full explanation here...
December 2020 Newsletter - in FULL COLOUR  here and now. - with more on the Bridge.
Climate Change & Council - Check it out here... TO BE A MAJOR ISSUE THIS YEAR
OUR Island Bridge update - see "Our Island Bridge" page to find out what's happening.
"Unhappy Bridge" - a new page about the problems with our bridge here.
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to re-afforest the Island here...

Meeting Minutes and MORE - here...
Print a Map of the Island! -  here...

SUNSETSIPS are back...

  • POSTPONED Thursday March 11 - 7:30pm Annual General Meeting @ The Cove Hall at the traffic lights near Daleys Kitchen - here...
  • Saturday April 3 - SunsetSips 2021#2 at Attunga - 5pm here. Celebrate the end of Daylight Savings the next morning.
  • Thursday May 6 @ 4pm - Debate and webcast of Central Coast Council financial crisis Judicial Inquiry. Info here...

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Flooding on St Huberts Island

As predicted in the last few editions of the Island newsletter - "THE ISLAND NEWS" - the Council's policies on flooding of the low-lying areas of the Central Coast Council boundary are back in the spotlight of affected residents - St Huberts Island included.

SHIRA need to read all this information and digest it before action.

The Woy Woy-Ettalong-Umina Study and Plan is completed with comment closing 5pm 12 March (info here...).

The Saratoga-Davistown-Bensville-Empire Bay Study and Plan is currently at the DRAFT stage and on Public Exhibition with SUBMISSIONS closing on Friday 26 March (info here...).

As a result of Climate Change, all these Studies and Reports apply to St Huberts in some ways as you can see where CCC is heading with this unavoidable and severe issue.
One intriguing item buried in the Conclusion of the "
Davistown and Empire Bay Climate Change Adaptation Study"was the use of considerable amounts of FILL on public and private land around Empire Bay and Davistown, with cost shared by landowners and public funding!

And it is recommended that this needs to start as soon as possible - a high priority...


2021 Annual General Meeting POSTPONED

No 11th March 2021 AGM

  • The Association Committee has decided to postpone the AGM to August or September 2021 (final date to be determined)  as current COVID-19 restrictions limit the attendee capacity of the usual hall we use for the AGM.
  • The current Committee Members will remain in their present positions until this postponed AGM is held.  At this AGM all positions will be declared vacant and a new Committee elected.
  • The postponement of the AGM date will still meet our incorporation requirements to NSW Fair Trading.

More detailed explanation here...


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St Huberts Island is located within the Brisbane Water at its southern end. Its closest neighbour is Ettalong and is less than five kilometres from both Umina and Woy Woy, the latter being the nearest railway station on the main northern line.

Brisbane Water and its surrounding areas lie within the City of Gosford (in the newly created Central Coast Council area), which constitutes a major part of the Central Coast of New South Wales. The general area bounded by Ettalong, Umina and Woy Woy is known as the Woy Woy Peninsular.                                                           

At the extreme southern end of the peninsular is Patonga, which is within sight of Lion Island and Palm Beach.

While the Woy Woy Peninsular lies only a matter of some 40 kilometres by sea from the Sydney CBD, this distance is increased to nearly 100 kilometres for road and rail travellers due to the nature of the intervening terrain which encompasses the Hawkesbury River with its many inlets and precipitous gorges.