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The St Huberts Island Residents Association... a short history

By mid 1976, the Island had quite a number of residents who were getting to know each other, and were starting to voice criticism about a variety of issues relating to the way in which decisions were made affecting them.

Dick Tressider, backed by an enthusiastic group of residents, sent out a circular inviting all residents to meet and form an association to
".... guard the preservation and beautification of the island ....". The response was heartening, and on 7th November 1976 at 2pm, a gathering of 47 interested Islanders met at his residence at 26 Nautilus Crescent. Dick was elected President and the meetings continued to be held at his home for some years.

At the inaugural meeting, a range of names such as "Protection Society" and "Preservation Society" were suggested, but eventually it was agreed that the "St Huberts Island Residents Association" was more appropriate.

A committee of seven was elected, these being:

President: Dick Tressider
Secretary: Veronica O'Shea
Treasurer: Chris Bentley
Committee: Vic Colditz, Ken Schroer, Bill Edge and Dom Blaikie.


A constitution and a set of rules were laid down, the annual subscription was set at $5.00 and with a foundation membership of 47 residents, the Association was declared formed and ‘on-its-way'. Despite rampant inflation during many of the intervening years, the annual subscription is still $5.00, and in 2017 $20 for a four year membership.

It was moved that the Association contact Gosford Shire Council and Hooker-Rex, to determine exactly what the responsibility of each was regarding maintenance, control, etc. on the Island. The residents were looking ahead to the time when it foresaw the need for co-operation with the Council, and the ultimate need for maintenance of the bridge, roads, nature strips, drains, and sea walls. Matters discussed at the first meeting appear to be a catalogue (with a few exceptions) of what is still discussed at the regular quarterly meetings which the Association now holds at the The Cove Retirement Village Hall in Empire Bay, just off the Island opposite the old Daleys Point "shopping complex".

The minutes of the early meetings reveal the following issues were of concern:

  • Boat moorings
  • Water skiers (in the canals)
  • Dogs roaming out of control
  • Speeding cars and boats
  • Untidiness of the island
  • General maintenance (Council responsibility)
  • Bait collecting; nipper pumpers
  • Fishing and jumping from the bridge
  • The oyster leases

So vociferous and frequent were the complaints about boat moorings and dogs running loose, that the topics were finally banned from further discussion. On a latter topic, the appointment by Gosford Council of an Impounding Officer to control dogs improved the situation. With regards the former, the drainage reserves (canals) are still a major issue of concern, with residents seeking a balanced approach to their management. Council, having abrogated its responsibility in the intervening years because the issue was too difficult, has now finalised a management plan and is imposing restrictions, some of which are regarded as being impractical.


The St Huberts Island Residents Association

The Association generally has a quarterly General Meeting each June, September and December with the Annual General Meeting being held in March on the second Thursday of the month at The Cove Hall, Empire Bay Drive, Empire Bay. The executive of the Association meets each intervening month to ensure the business of the Association is not interrupted.

Membership of the Association is only available to Residents and Property Owners of St Huberts Island.

See the Committee members


Objects of the St Huberts Island Residents Association Inc.

(as dated 12 July 1989) are:-

  1. To watch over and protect the interests of the residents of St Huberts Island.
  2. To co-operate, if necessary, with other public bodies in carrying out general services for the benefit of the residents of St Huberts Island.
  3. To invite and deal with the moneys of the Association in such a manner as may be determined from time to time.
  4. To engage professional assistance of any kind and to remunerate any person for service rendered or to be rendered in or about the formation or promotion of the Association or the conduct of its affairs.
  5. To raise money from subscription and to grant any rights and privileges to subscribers.
  6. To do all such things as may be conducive to the well being of the residents of St Huberts Island.


The Island News

The means of communication to residents is via a newsletter published every quarter, approximately one week prior to the General Meeting. It is letterbox distributed to every household to keep residents informed of the news of the time and as a reminder of their responsibilities.

The newsletter is also used as a timely reminder of the General Meetings which are held every quarter - March, June, September and December - in the nearby hall at The Cove Retirement Village. It is endeavored to hold the General Meeting on the second Thursday of the months used, depending on the availability of the hall.

As of the end of 2017, the Association decided to only hold the legislation required Annual General meeting in March of each year. This decision made by the Committee at the time was based on the increasing use of instant communication methods of informing residents of events etc - Facebook, resident's email addresses and the revamped and more detailed Island Website.

To advertise specific events of the Association an individual flier or news page is distributed for each event. These events in past years have included the Biggest Morning Tea (Big Cuppa), St Patrick's Day social gathering and the St Huberts Day barbecue.

Specific event fliers were reduced during 2017, again due to Facebook, email and website communications.


Celebration of St Huberts Day

The St Huberts Island Residents Association Inc celebrates St Huberts Day annually with a BBQ in Long Arm Reserve, on the nearest Sunday to St Huberts Day - November 6.

This event is a major event on the St Huberts Island Residents Association calendar. It  attracts crowds of up to 200 residents (in 2015) who enjoy a sausage sizzle provided by the Association and sponsors, with the funds provided by local businesses. In the past such funds were provided by Bendigo Bank (Ettalong), one of the many Real Estate Agents active on the Island, and (Island residents) the Edwards Family Butchery Woy Woy - although the Committee  tries to spread the high profile sponsorship around. A raffle of a hamper and prizes donated is conducted to assist in the funding for the day.


Entry Statement

One of many projects of the Residents Association has been the improvement to the entry to the Island with the construction of entry statement walls and the provision of an avenue of palms. The works have been carried out by Gosford City Council with the assistance of contractors. The project was an initiative of the St Huberts Island Residents Association Inc. and was undertaken after consultation with the community.

The avenue of palms is continually on the Committee's agenda, and is constantly undergoing improvements and replacements, as we/the Council try to "hit on" the best greenery to grace the entrance to the Island.


Future Projects 

The Association is always on the look out for projects to improve the environment of St Huberts Island.

Obviously the major project is maintenance of the canals - in particular the sea walls.


General & Annual General Meeting Minutes