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Email submission form for the Council's
Climate Change Draft Policy



to be considered by Council.

The  Central Coast Council's Draft Climate Change Policy

is currently open for submissions, but only until Friday 15 March.

Many/All resident associations and business groups in the Council area have major concerns with this Policy - particularly PLANNED RETREAT, and the lack of serious and detailed consultation with residents.

It is very much in the interest of Business and Residential owners to make a submission.


           We need to take action - submissions close Friday March 15

  1. Online submission to (bottom of the page, and long-winded process)
  2. Email submission to (you need to work out the text)
  3. Written to General Manager, Central Coast Council, PO Box 21, Gosford NSW 2250 (again your text)

    OR... to make it easy and quick, we have created the text for you to then submit by email...

  4. Go to the St Huberts Residents email submission page

PLANNED RETREAT is the concept that as sea-level rise gets to a certain height, we may have to abandon our houses, demolish them, revegetate our blocks to Council requirements, and all at our cost and with no compensation.

HOWEVER... we don't know what these sea-level heights are as there is NO MAPPING in the Policy to support the Policy items.

For much more information and documents, see the main Climate Change Policy page

Submissions now closed.


 The Petition will keep running until the Council gives us the 3 month extra time to assess and comment on the Draft Policy.


1.  Copy the text between the two RED lines below and paste it in the email Submission Text* box,

OR type your own submission wording.

2.  Fill in the compulsory Name*, Address* and Email* boxes

3.  Tell the world you're "... not a robot"  (you might have to repeat a few times)

4.  Hit the "Send e-mail" button, and receive a confirmation message.


 .My submission on the Central Coast Council Draft Climate Change Policy


1. That Council contact directly each impacted residence and business to explain how the Policy will individually affect their business or residence.


2. That all relevant flood and sea-level rise mapping used to create the Policy should be included with the Policy Document.


3. That once the significant issues of Planned Retreat and lack of mapping has been addressed, the Draft Policy display, submission date and information sessions be extended for another three (3) months.

3a.This is owing to the increasing community concerns over the concepts and wording of the Draft Policy, the slow yet increasing awareness of the community of the impact of Global Climate Change which needs to be reflected in this Policy, and the rush to pass this Policy through a five week public display and submission process.

3b. Community discussion, Council interaction with the community, and  Workshops need to continue in order to create a Policy that faces Climate Change head-on, yet with the support of the community.


4. That the concept of Planned Retreat with all its very concerning and rigid requirements be replaced with a Defensive Adaptation Model type approach as used by Lake Macquarie City Council in their recent Climate Change policies.


5. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS THE ROLE OF COUNCIL TO CREATE THIS POLICY. I believe the Federal Government should be the policy-maker when planning actions and responding to Climate Change, not Local Government.


I feel the Draft as proposed does not have community support.


Thank you

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