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DECEMBER 2019 Newsletter - in FULL COLOUR here and now.
St Huberts Day Family BBQ - Report and photos here.
Report & Photos: Christmas in July @ Daleys Kitchen Here...
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to re-afforest the Island here...
Climate Change & Council - Check it out   here...
Print a Map of the Island! -  Here...
  • SANTA ON THE WATER -  Monday 23 December  2019. Leaving Marina Cove at 5pm sailing clockwise to all Island canals and reversing course after Sandy Cove. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips#1 - 5pm Saturday February 2020 @ Attunga. Date to be confirmed. The first SunsetSips of the new year. Watch here for more info.
  • Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm Thursday March 12 2020 @ The Cove Hall. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips #2- 5pm Saturday March 2020 @ Beachfront. Date to be confirmed. Watch here for more info.
  • Daylight Savings ends - 3am Sunday April 5 - FALL back from 3am to 2am.
  • SunsetSips#3 - 4pm Saturday April 11 2020 @ Solstice. Plus a MONSTER EASTER EGG HUNT on this Easter Saturday. Watch here for more info.

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Climate Change Policy

Relevant & Useful Websites

 [Continually Updated as Websites Discovered]


Assorted Websites

Insurance Council
Coastal Property Risks - Insurance Council
Insurance Afordability Projects - Insurance Council and Catastrophes, Disasters, Community Protection, Flood Database etc
Floodplain Management Australia


Informed Discussion
tellcouncil - xxx
CoastAdapt - xxx


Central Coast Council
Your Voice Our Coast - xxx
Council's main Draft Climate Change Policy page- xxx




Sourced from the Central Coast Council Draft Climate Change Policy Community Workshop Information Pack January 2019

Legislative Requirements
Office of Environment and Heritage - Coastal management manual
Office of Environment and Heritage - Floodplain development manual
NSW Planning and Environment - Coastal management

Federal Government
Australia's 2030 Emissions Reduction Target

National Climate Resilience and Adaption Strategy 2015

Australian Government review of climate change policies 2017

Australia’s emissions projections 2018 - Summary fact sheet

Understanding climate change, Australian climate change research, Future Climate Change
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Australian climate change research

Future Climate Change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Australia’s Changing Climate

Climate Change in Australia – East Coast Projections

Climate Change in Australia –Projections for Selected Australian Cities

Greenhouse Gas Scenarios – Representative Concentration Pathways

NSW Government
Climate Change Policy Framework
Emissions in NSW Fact Sheet

Climate Change in NSW Fact Sheet
Climate Change NSW Snapshot

Climate Change Central Coast Snapshots
Central Coast Regional Plan

CoastAdapt infographics

Understanding CoastAdapt inundation maps

Oceans and climate change

Planning for sea-level rise

Strengthening Australia’s resilience to climate change
Adapting cities and coast for climate change

 Bureau of Meterology
Annual Climate Statement
Climate updates

Long-term temperature record
Climate change and variability
Extremes and records

United Nations
Paris Agreement, 2015