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Inaugural St Huberts Island Paddle Regatta


Sunday 13 December 2015 - 9am - Long Arm Reserve


We’ve chosen a day with a very high tide for our inaugural PADDLE REGATTA around our Island so there is no chance of going aground.

Starting at 9 am at Long Arm Reserve we’ll paddle clockwise by kayak, canoe, paddle board or raft into each of our 6 canals where we’ll stop at a welcoming host flying identifying bunting who has volunteered to register your arrival and provide refreshments and a short rest. You then paddle into each of the canals for a similar welcome, finishing sometime after 11am back at Long Arm Reserve for a hearty welcome by your family, friends and a picnic.

This is not a race, just an enjoyable morning of paddling with new and old friends, experienced or inexperienced, and the stopovers are meant to revitalise the less fit amongst us. It should all be good fun! All ages can take part.

Those with a spare canoe or kayak please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone who’d like to join us but doesn’t have one - they should make contact with me as well.

This adventure is dependent on the weather and you’ll be contacted by email if we have to call it off.

I’d also like to hear from anyone in the canals who would like to be a welcoming host.

With a change of organiser, would you please register your interest with Helene Cornwell at 4342 1251 or email with your contact details and whether you are paddling singly or with a friend.

PLEASE NOTE... this activity has been organised by a private individual.

The St Huberts Island Residents Association has no involvement with this activity, other than to inform Island residents of this activity.



St Huberts Island held the first Paddle Regatta around the Island on Sunday 13th December from 9-11 am.
We had a good turnout of about 30 people in canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc. and on our way around we called into the various canals where residents turned out to cheer and offer us refreshments.
It was very popular and we hope to make this an annual event.
Some photos as a slide show follow...