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DINE-OUT 2017#3

HALLOWEEN IS COMING TO ST HUBERTS ... in a different form



Save the night - Saturday 28 October 2017, and get your costume ready!

This new Association celebration will be held at Daleys Kitchen... and we really want you all to dress for the Festival.
There will be valuable prizes for the best dressed on the night.



For your information...

Halloween (hallowed evening)/Allhalloween/All Hallows’ Eve/All Saints’ Eve, celebrated on 31 October, is a Western Christian feast believed to have originated from Celtic harvest festivals and possibly pagan roots.
The word “halloween” dates back to about 1745.
We all know how the United States celebrates Halloween. It was not until the mass immigration of the Irish and Scots around the turn of the 18th to early 19th century that Halloween became widely celebrated. During the early 20th Century it finally became celebrated by most Americans.

More information is coming - watch this website, our Facebook page and your email.



 See a Gallery of photos from the evening here...

Our Inaugural celebration of the Celtic harvest festival of Halloween went off with a bang (or is that a howl?). After a late notification of the celebration, bookings were slow to start with then took off near the date, resulting with 34 ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, nunns, mad hatters, devils, witches and other assoerted strangly dressed humans in attendance.

This correspondent, as a bit of a fang (pun intended), found the food excellent, Sue went suitably overboard with the decorations at Daleys Kitchen, and everyone there pitched in to make the evening a massive success - including the Gruesome Parade around the tables so the two winners could be selected for the fought-after prizes.

Wendy Mason, hiding inside a fetching black cape with blood-red hood and a cold witches-fire amount of "charcoal" on her face framing her delicate hazel eyes with inverted mascara and zig-zag lightening eyelashes, won the female prize of xxx (too valuable to mention here).

John Aldersley was the male winner. With his beautiful bleached white skeleton, tousled and out-of-control red tresses framing his bright smiling face with a massive dribble-channel mouth, large big-night-out black eyes and a pneumatically controlled appendage, John accepted his prize while pneumatically pumping.

This Australian Halloween  was perfectly finished off with a true-blue Aussie bush poet - Peter Mace - who wowed us with a long, seemingly off-the-cuff, rollicking poem.

By The Way... Halloween and the USA...

I was talking to one of my sons after the USA Halloween this year. He lives in the US and he has a theory. He never got Halloween till he moved to the US. While he lives in Seattle, he made the point that once winter hits the US, many places become cold and miserable and the people need something to cheer themselves up. He reckons this is why Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are such a huge deal there.