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Vivien Sale's 2016 documentary - "Peninsular Paradise"

DVD copies of Vivien's film have all sold out with no more to be produced.
Vivien has very graciously agreed to the St Huberts Island Residents Association
placing the film here on the website.

View it here...


Wednesday 26th October 2016 at Cinema Paradiso is a very significant day for St Huberts Island resident, Vivien Sale.

Early that year Vivien watched the 1934 black and white film “Woy-Woy The Venice of Australia”. About a week later she suddenly woke up with a midnight epiphany and knew she just had to make a follow-up of this documentary.

People needed to find out what has changed… what has progressed in our “Venice” since 1934.

Vivien SaleVivien Sale

Seven months later, the Gala Premier of the 45 minute “Peninsular Paradise” will occur at Cinema Paradiso at Ettalong Beach on 26 October. But the Gala is SOLD OUT! There is even a waiting list of 90 for the Gala. However, Cinema Paradiso will be playing “Peninsular Paradise” from the next day, Thursday 27 October, morning and afternoon for a week, then each morning during the next week. So Island residents have ample chance to see Vivien’s  creation.

“Peninsular Paradise” will also be released on DVD. The “Executive Producer - Sales” (aka hubby Barry Sale) will be controlling the release of the $15 DVD with purchase methods to follow. Significantly, $2 from every DVD sale will go to Woy Woy's Mary Mac’s Place - at the round-about on Blackwall Road.


“Peninsular Paradise” is a quality production. Vivien contacted a well know Empire Bay film-maker with her intention and ideas and he was on-board immediately and eagerly. A script writer was found, as were five on-screen presenters, a sound man and two interns. Vivien has a lot of experience with live theatre, and this was her first experience with film. She was particularly taken with the perfection the director wanted, with much viewing of rushes (the footage shot during the day), and the need for many re-shoots of segments. While Vivien did not appear in front of the camera, she was given the role of Executive Producer (to keep her out of the way??), but she still found it a very emotional stage of her life during the development, shooting, post production and “marketing” of her baby.

She was (only a little) distressed that her beloved St Huberts couldn’t be included in the documentary - we are technically not part of the Peninsula, between two instead!

And... Vivien has been particularly impressed and appreciative of our local Peninsula News who have been a major help in many ways during the final stages of the film release.

There will be articles and more information soon in the local press.


Crew at Staples Lookout (two presenters missing)Crew at Staples Lookout (two presenters missing)


Some film details -

Executive Producer:  Vivien Sale

Director/Editor:  Noel Sadler

Narrator:  Ross Bryant

Young Sally:  Rebecca Matthes

The Uncle:  Bob Doyle


Geoff Melville

Liana Gilbert

Tracey Briggs

Rob Gordon

Sally’s voice:  Max Perry

View the 40 minute film here...


“Travel in time through the Peninsular, on the NSW Central Coast, as we explore the old 1936 black and white film, Woy Woy Venice of Australia, through to 2016.
Peninsular Paradise is the story of how our lifestyle has changed over 80 years, but also showing how our beautiful environment has not.
The beaches, national parks, waterways and Lion Island are still as they were, to be enjoyed by us all and our future generations.

Walk with us to enjoy with wonder, our Peninsular Paradise, yesterday and today.”