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DECEMBER 2019 Newsletter - in FULL COLOUR here and now.
St Huberts Day Family BBQ - Report and photos here.
Report & Photos: Christmas in July @ Daleys Kitchen Here...
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to re-afforest the Island here...
Climate Change & Council - Check it out   here...
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  • SANTA ON THE WATER -  Monday 23 December  2019. Leaving Marina Cove at 5pm sailing clockwise to all Island canals and reversing course after Sandy Cove. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips#1 - 5pm Saturday February 2020 @ Attunga. Date to be confirmed. The first SunsetSips of the new year. Watch here for more info.
  • Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm Thursday March 12 2020 @ The Cove Hall. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips #2- 5pm Saturday March 2020 @ Beachfront. Date to be confirmed. Watch here for more info.
  • Daylight Savings ends - 3am Sunday April 5 - FALL back from 3am to 2am.
  • SunsetSips#3 - 4pm Saturday April 11 2020 @ Solstice. Plus a MONSTER EASTER EGG HUNT on this Easter Saturday. Watch here for more info.

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Saint Hubert

Born about 626, Hubert was the eldest son of the Duke of Aquitane. Supposedly of a charming manner and a penchant for worldly persuits, he had a particular passion for hunting.

This passion resulted in no respect for the Holy days, including Good Friday.

The story is told that he was persuing a magnificent stag on the Good Friday of the year 653 when it suddenly turned on him. Hubert saw between it's antlers a shining cricifix and heard a warning voice say:

"Unless thou turnest to the Lord and lead a holy life, thou willst quickly decend to hell."

As a result of this he received instructions, renounced his wealth and title and became an eloquent preacher. In 709 he was appointed the Bishop of Maastricht and in about 722 became Bishop of Liege.

Due to the Relics of St Lambert, their repository, Liege, grew into a large flourishing city.

While the Bishop of Liege, Hubert is said to have worked many miracles. He was known as the Apostle of Ardennes and the Patron Saint of Hunters.

Saint Hubert died in Liege on 30 May 727.

As the hunter's Patron Saint -

"The Royal Stag Hunts of France are conducted in great style. Whole forests outside of Paris are reserved for 'La Chasse'. Hunt followers gather for a special church service in the Chapel of St Crepin each 6th of November, St Hubert's Day, and after the hunters and dogs are blessed by the priest, set out on the chase."




Each year on the Sunday nearest to St Hubert's Day, the residents of St Huberts Island gather for a BBQ lunch on the reserve in Long Arm Parade to celebrate St Hubert's Day.

While the Island has a logo displaying the bridge onto the Island, the Island Association also makes use of the St Huberts emblem.

Its use been graciously allowed by the St Huberts Vineyard located in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne.