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Ausgrid News June 2014

1 Jun 2014



Dear Resident,


Over the past few years, Ausgrid has been undertaking major works across St Hubert’s Island and surrounding areas to improve reliability due to the unacceptable number of blackouts on the Island as well as in the surrounding areas.

As a result, Ausgrid will be undertaking the final stages in upgrading your local electricity supply to resolve these issues and to help build extra capacity into the local network.


Why this project is needed

Recently a new zone substation, Empire Bay, was constructed to improve the supply of electricity to the Island and surrounding areas.

For the new zone substation to supply electricity to the Island, the new cables that were laid in the island must now be joined to the network and commissioned.

The remaining old cables will also be replaced as part of this project.

With the completion of these works, electricity supply reliability will improve and the number of blackouts reduced substantially.

This work is required to ensure the safety and reliability of the Ausgrid network in your area and your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.


Project stages

Ausgrid crews will be undertaking work commencing July 2014 and to be completed in January 2015 (weather permitting).

Preliminary excavations were undertaken on 11 June 2014 followed by the work to join cables and replace the remaining old cables.

The project will be undertaken in 6 stages which is shown on the site map on the rear of this newsletter.

Stage 1 – July-Aug 2014

Stage 2 – Aug-Sept 2014

Stage 3 – Sept-Oct 2014

Stage 4 – Oct-Nov 2014

Stage 5 – Nov-Dec 2014

Stage 6 – Dec 2014-Jan 2015


Project scope

There are two parts to the project which involves: 

  1. new cables were laid associated with the new zone substation. These cables will now be joined and commissioned.
  2. older style low voltage cables will be replaced as part of an Ausgrid-wide program. The new cables will be much more reliable and require much less maintenance.

Excavations in some footpaths will be necessary to be able to join and connect the underground cables. These excavation works will be backfilled and temporarily reinstated. Permanent reinstatement will occur once these cables are commissioned.

Local traffic access to properties should not be adversely affected; however some Ausgrid vehicles will be in the area.

When outages are planned for this project, residents will be given four days prior notice.


Work hours

Work hours are between 7am to 6pm on weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. 

Keeping you informed 

Our aim is to minimise any disruption by keeping you informed of when works will take place by providing you with updates of the works happening in your area. 

Please feel free to contact Craig White, Senior Community Liaison Advisor at or 9585 5619 should you have any queries.


For further information about Ausgrid, please visit our website at