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The St Huberts Island bridge

Safety Upgrades

Important to us in so many ways...


Click to view letter from Council regarding bridge works. 


(Sorted Reverse Chronology - start at the bottom to get the full picture, OR the top for the latest)

Also... find out about our Unhappy Bridge



At this stage Council have slowed things down greatly as they do the design and drawings for the final Safety Barrier, as well as getting approval from the Federal body responsible for the funding.

We are getting safety barriers regardless of community preferences.



On April 17 2020, when SHIRA was advised by Council of their proposed galvanised weld-mesh safety barrier, we immediately realised what an over-powering addition this would be to our Bridge. We advised all the Island residents by letterbox drop showing the proposed barriers. There was an overwhelming resident reaction with 223 responses (160 seen by SHIRA) sent to Council. The vast majority of replies from the respondents request the repainting and restoration of the existing bridge balustrade, and were appalled at the proposed weld-mesh barriers.

The Association fully supports this.
We did not ask for a 2.6 metre high weld-mesh barrier down each side of the Bridge - Council decided this without consulting the Island community.

However, there is $900,000 Federal funding for the safety barricade, but unlikely this could be used for just repainting the current railing. This is for Council to resolve.

We further suggest additional safety and a deterrent to stop Bridge jumpers be provided by CCTV (monitored by Council rangers and Woy Woy police), together with new signage stating the fine for jumping from the Bridge.

The SHIRA Committee acknowledges there is a small proportion of the Island community who would welcome this safety barrier preventing jumping from the bridge.


Council Makeup during the Bridge Safety Upgrade Project

Following is a timeline of what is happening...



27 October - "Round Table" Meeting with Central Coast Council

Full Minutes of the meeting compiled by Geoff Flynn - SHIRA Secretary HERE...
Looks like the barrier is "set in concrete" - we are getting a barrier safety fence.


23 October - Large "Round Table" Meeting confirmed with Central Coast Council

Meeting at Gosford Administration Chambers at 4 pm Tuesday 27 October.
  • Council Engineers and Representatives (SHIRA have previously met with these four people - see 28 August below)

  • SHIRA - two representatives

  • bridgewarriors - two representatives

  • Daley’s Point - one representative

  • Police - one representative

23 October - Two (different) Council letters sent to the impacted Community

On this day:
  • An email was sent in reply to all those people who responded to CCC during the limited Community Consultation period.
  • An A4 double-sided flyer was placed in letterboxes.
    While it seems ALL St Huberts Island residents received this flyer, it is not known at this stage whether Daleys Point residents also received it.
The two letters were slightly yet significantly different within the 2nd paragraphs...
The email to responders saw an extra sentence the resident letterboxes didn't get -
"... aesthetics of the fencing structure. This has included using a black powder coated treatment instead of galvanized; perspex containing ‘cut-outs’; improved signage and CCTV. These investigations..."
Email to Community Consultation responders HERE... 



20 October - Possible Meeting requests from Central Coast Council and Lucy Wicks

  • Phone call received by SHIRA President Ken Stewart from Central Coast Council who want to set up a meeting of some size for  Tuesday 27 October at the Gosford Council Chambers.

  • Phone call received by SHIRA President Ken Stewart from the Office of Lucy Wicks wanting a meeting of up to five Committee people on Tuesday 3 November for 30-45 minutes in relation to the Bridge.
    (On 21 October this meeting was changed to 1.30pm Thursday 5 November to avoid the Melbourne Cup.)

 Both to be confirmed.


19 October - BRIDGEWARRIORS - Letterbox Update




6 October - Lucy Wicks email reply to two Committee members (extract)

"Thank you for taking the time to write to me, sharing your thoughts and concerns about the St Hubert’s Island Bridge Safety Upgrade. I understand how important this issue is to you and the St Hubert’s Island community. I want to assure you that your feedback is being heard.
In 2019 the Federal Government allocated $70 million to the Central Coast Roads Package for a range of road upgrades aimed at reducing congestion and improving safety, including $900,000 towards the St Hubert’s Island Bridge Upgrade. 
This upgrade aimed to address the safety concerns of the community members who contacted my office over recent years fearful that young people were engaging in dangerous behaviour on St Hubert’s Island Bridge and also worried about the security of their properties. 
In light of the community feedback received by my office, I contacted Central Coast Council requesting that the residents’ concerns be considered in the design of the St Hubert’s Island Bridge safety upgrade project going forward. As a result the community consultation period was extended and closed on 18 May 2020. There were a total of 223 submissions lodged with Central Coast Council.
I have met with the St Hubert’s Island Residents Association and have also been in contact with the Director of Roads, Transport, Drainage and Waste for Central Coast Council, Boris Bolgoff to raise the community’s concerns. 
 Council have agreed to explore a range of options to address the visual amenity of the safety fencing, conduct more community consultation and as an interim measure, look at improving the signage and placing CCTV in the area. 
It is important that we reach a solution for the community that meets the need for additional safety measures to keep young people in the area safe but also adequately considers the beauty of this suburb and the pride of place that people in St Hubert’s Island have in their bridge. 
I will continue to advocate for the community and work with Central Coast Council and the Residents Association to ensure that the St Hubert’s Island Bridge upgrade balances community safety with the visual amenity of the bridge."

6 October - Peninsula News article

"Wicks asks Council to improve bridge project design" - HERE...


6 October - Peninsula News article

"Wicks defends need for St Huberts bridge barrier project" - HERE...


2 October - BRIDGEWARRIORS - Update email to supporters (extract)

"Things are stirring…and it seems that Council and Lucy Wicks are revisiting the barrier proposal for the bridge:
1. Lucy Wicks Office rang a Bridgewarriors Committee member: 
"Her assistant rang to advise me that they will be meeting with Council to discuss the proposed railing and that they agree that the structure that has been put forward is not appropriate for St Huberts Island. They are also meeting with Police to discuss the issue of kids jumping from the bridge.”
 2. Clr Jeff Sundstrom following our meeting last week sent the following message this morning
Dear Lindy,
Following our recent meeting I wanted to provide an update.
Clr Smith and myself met with the relevant Director & staff to discuss the project and community concerns.
We have agreed that we will convene a meeting with representatives from various groups in the first instance to talk through the basis for the project, what has been proposed and what options there might be going forward.
We expect that there will then be further consultation with the broader community - we can discuss this at the further meeting.
Please feel free to keep in touch about this or any other Council matter that may arise. 
Regards Jeff S. 
3. Jake Lapham from ABC is doing an article on the issue
4. Sarah Iuliano from NBN did an interview at the bridge with me today"

 [NBN interview here.]


26 September - BRIDGEWARRIORS - Update email to supporters (extract)

"Thanks to your many emails and letters sent to our political representatives:
On Friday 25th September a meeting was held between Councillor Jeff Sundstrom 
and Deputy Mayor Jane Smith and Bridgewarriors members 
Lindy Wilson, Doug Edwards, Pat Jessop, (St Huberts) Stephen Ghent (Daleys Point)  
The aim of this meeting was to get the wider opinion of the community heard
We provided the Councillors with a detailed brief of background information and a summary of residents' concerns and ideas. 
A wide variety of issues were discussed including
  • safety around kids jumping into the water from the bridge
  • complaints about this                                                                                                                     
  • pedestrian safety on the bridge
  • the lack of community consultation 
  • the unacceptable weld mesh construction of the barriers
We are to hear back from them by end of next week with Councillor Sundstrom committing to arrange a meeting for us with senior Council staff.
MP for Robertson Lucy Wicks has said that she will speak to Council on this issue and “will continue to work around St Huberts Island to deliver a safer bridge for all” (Pen News 21.9.2020)
 We thank both Councillors for the constructive discussion. 
 This would not have happened without the community making their voice heard
 What you can do next to keep this important Island issue alive?
 A community Facebook page has been set up - Save St Huberts Island Bridge
 Please visit LIKE and SHARE.  Get the message out and keep up with the latest news on this issue"


23 September - BRIDGEWARRIORS - Update

  • A  bridgewarrior meeting with Councillor Jeff Sundstrom in two days to ask him to advocate on their behalf
  • Emails from residents have another three Councillors talking to them


21 September - Peninsula News article

"Wicks called to intervene in bridge dispute" - HERE...



18 September - BRIDGEWARRIORS - Community Activism

A small group of St Huberts Island and Daleys Pt residents determined to stop Council's project after SHIRA failed, quickly formed "bridgewarriors" to use other means to stop this project.

This flyer appeared in resident's letterboxes...



 The following items ABOVE describing the "bridgewarriors" activities are in no way associated with SHIRA, but are included as a more accurate historical record of this significant event in the life of St Huberts Islanders and others.

17 September - SHIRA Final letter to Council

... exhausting all SHIRA avenues, this letter signals the end of SHIRA's ability to stop or even modify the Central Coast Council's St Huberts Island Bridge Safety Upgrade project.

Council chose to reject all requests from the Association and the impacted Community.

... but... 


16 September 2020 - SHIRA Committee Meeting - Part 2

See the complete Part 1 & 2 minutes here.

 It was with a sense of sad resignation that the Committee discussed the final decision received from Council.

The Committee decided we had to reluctantly acknowledge their decision, disagree with the need for a barrier and reject their project design. After working through all the channels available to SHIRA we felt we had no-where else to go.

Our biggest regret was a our lack of action for almost three months while we were waiting for Council to reply to the will of the Community. SHIRA was gauging the direction of the impacted community members via their comments to Council during this time, and trusting that Council would return to the "negotiating table" to work out a more satisfactory solution to the Council's concerns.

Later we discovered Council were still moving on to the completion of the current project design without any further modifications or consultation.


11 September 2020 - Two (!) replies received from the "decision makers" impacting St Huberts Island

From ADAM CROUCH - our State MP

"Thank you for your email regarding the St Huberts Island Bridge.

Mr Crouch appreciates you informing him of your concerns, our office have taken the liberty of passing this on to the Federal members office as they have supplied the funding.

 Mr Crouch is also fully supports all residents giving their feedback to both the Central Coast Council and Lucy Wicks MP, Federal member for Robertson.

 Kind regards

Donna Golightly

Electorate Officer"


From  KYLE MacGREGOR - CCC Councillor for Wyong Ward

"I was going through my junk box and found this email in it. Apologies for taking some time to get back to you. 
Thank you for taking the time to write to me about this, I am semi familiar with the issue. I knew that it was budgeted, and that there was some controversy over it. I am unsure of the position of the ward councillors at present or if any other councillors have given you a commitment to halt or stop works. 
I am not hostile to your position with the questions you pose to myself as a councillor and would certainly rather see the funds spent on something else than the current project. 
Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further or have support from other councillors. 
Thank you,
CLR Kyle MacGregor"

There were no more replies to our emails sent to ALL CCC Councillors, and Lucy Wicks - our Federal MP.

However, we are aware that Lucy Wicks has continued to work behind the scenes, and one of our three Gosford East Ward Councillors - Jeff Sundstrom - has also eventually joined in. Jane Smith and Rebecca Gale Collins remained silent.


 10 September 2020 - FINAL DECISION - Central Coast Council Bridge Safety Upgrade letter received by SHIRA

(The full PDF letter can be seen here)

This 3-page letter was very clear in the various processes and considerations used to arrive at CCC's final design and decision to go ahead with this project AS FIRST INDICATED to the Community, with no changes or modifications as almost unanimously requested by the replies to the (extremely short) Community Consultation process.


5 September - Council letter to SHIRA needs Federal approval, Committee Meeting Part 2 moved again

 A Council officer has informed SHIRA that although the final Bridge Safety Upgrade letter is finished and ready for delivery to us, they have discovered that as the funding for the Bridge project is coming from a Federal source, and that it will then be printed in our newsletter, it must be approved by that Federal source before being released.
(Subsequently it was discovered the letter was drafted on 1 September, sent to the Federal body on 3 September, and the approval to use the draft letter received by CCC on 9 September).

This means the September newsletter is delayed further, and the Part 2, reconvened 2 September Committee meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday 16 September.

Also... although not mentioned below (but in the minutes taken), the 2 September Committee meeting decided to make a final contact with all the relevant politicians who represent us - Lucy wicks (Federal), Adam Crouch (State), and Rebecca Gale Collins/Jeff Sundstrom/Jane Smith (our Central Coast Gosford East Ward Councillors).

In these emails SHIRA makes these points:

The Project

It is a barrier to be placed both sides of the two (2) lane St Huberts Island approach bridge to deter youth from recreational jumping into the water.

Present Deterrents

SHIRA (St Huberts Island Residents Association) had asked that the bridge be painted, CCTV cameras used to monitor youth behaviour and the available deterrents such as Council Ranger and police patrols be used. Even though warnings are posted on the bridge, we are not aware of any fine ever being imposed. 


Project has a budget of $900 000 provided by the Commonwealth Grant designed for Urban Congestion which seems quite out of context with the project’s intentions, especially in an area where many roads are still awaiting curb and guttering.


Is modelled on the Brian MGowan Bridge in Gosford which prevents articles being thrown onto the railway line below. We are not aware of any other such ugly solution being applied in a residential area.  (see attached design)

Community Consultation

Residents of St Huberts and Daleys Point - who overlook this bridge - were only made aware of the project in May 2020 via SHIRA, not directly from Council. Feedback from residents was sent to Council. No resident emails were answered by Council.  Whilst awaiting replies the Operational Plan was passed on July 28th.


If we are trying to promote the Central Coast as a tourist destination and maintain its natural beauty, erecting ugly structures which are  totally unsuitable for the approach to a beautiful scenic suburb is counterproductive. (see photo attached).
This structure will permanently mar the beautiful approach to the Island and send out a detrimental message about our community.  We are not a detention centre.


We anticipate that once the general residents hear that their feedback has been ignored and that this project was a done deal before  they were even informed - there will be severe backlash.

We Ask

If you are concerned about projects that will mar the coastal landscape ...

If you are concerned about residents’ opinions – the ones who will have to live with this permanent eyesore…

Then we seek your help in halting this project until

1. a further look at design options take place 

2. possibilities of CCTV cameras operated by police be explored.


 2 September 2020 - SHIRA Committee Meeting - Part 1

 So... the SHIRA Committee can now see "light at the end of the tunnel" (maybe??).

We are about to get Council's final decision/direction.

Minutes were taken (complete Part 1 & 2 minutes here), much discussion on correspondence and CCC meetings to-date. Waiting for promised “Final” letter from Council re the bridge before final decisions made by SHIRA.
Newsletter again delayed till letter received and SHIRA decision made.
This meeting was adjourned to be re-convened when the letter arrives - expected by 4 September but (as I type this - 5 September) it hasn't appeared yet.

The reconvened Part 2 meeting is set for Wed 9 September!!

In  the mean-time this webmaster is busily updating this part of the website to bring everyone up-to-date.


2 September 2020 - SHIRA follow-up on CCTV cameras on bridge

SHIRA rang the Council (Jay Ware/Spare?) to clarify why cameras were not considered in lieu of a hard fence. The Council does not actively monitor any cameras. They are all passively monitored by reviewing tapes if there is an incident. Tapes are written over after 48hrs. Only Gosford Police actively monitor cameras in needed areas. Council is reviewing its policy on cameras, so they are not an option at present for the bridge.


 28 August 2020 - meeting with Council to solely discuss the Bridge project

 A report from the SHIRA representatives follows...

(President) Ken Stewart, (Vice President) Ron Stapleton and (Secretary) Geoff Flynn met with four Council officers today, these being Jay Spare (Director Roads Transport Drainage and Waste), and Engineers Chris Slater, Navi Raheja and Jeanette Williams.  The meeting lasted 1 hour.  The proposed bridge safety improvements was the only item discussed.

Council advised they received 223 submissions on this matter, and these covered the full range of views.  They know this is a very emotive issue with residents.

Council stated their main concern is safety, and improved physical barriers is the only realistic way to achieve that improved safety.  They do not believe other softer options (cameras, signs, etc) will achieve this outcome.  They know this solution will not please everyone, and accept the Association is opposed to the weldmesh barriers.  Council advised that many barrier solutions were considered, but the proposed weldmesh design is the best solution that meets safety, and engineering restrictions of the existing bridge. 

Council will write to the Association, and in due course all submission makers outlining the process, and reasons for the outcome. 

 (See our Unhappy Bridge to find out about the need for engineering restrictions.)

It is expected this letter will be the final decision from Council and indicate the reasons and direction they are headed.
The Association should receive this letter by Fri 4th September.
The September newsletter is being delayed in order to include this significant letter. (Newsletter here when published...)


 28 August 2020 - Council letter to SHIRA from the 20 August Meeting



 20 August 2020 - meeting with Council regarding the bridge/canals/drainage

SHIRA has a face-to-face meeting with Council on the Island. President Ken Stewart and Vice President Ron Stapleton meet with two Council officers to discuss the proposed bridge design, canal maintenance and drainage.

It was more of an initial and general discussion on these three areas, with the intention of more detailed meetings and Council proposed actions in the very near future.

A verbal comment of the Bridge part of the 1 1/2 hour meeting was...

i)  The Council had undertaken extensive examination of the Bridge’s capability to undergo change, including underwater inspection of the footings

ii)  That Council had examined a number of systems to prevent “bridge jumping”


It was quite obvious that the Council had carried out extensive research activities relating to the bridge's overall capacity for balustrades etc, even having divers inspect the footings, etc and NONE OF THIS HAD BEEN CONVEYED TO THE ASSOCIATION.

SHIRA felt the meeting was positive and open, and Council intended writing to us ASAP regarding this meeting.
(This arrived on 28 August).


 28 July 2020

The bridge railing project is approved by Council as part of their Operational Plan 2020/21. Specifically - item R307.2020-21 St Huberts Island Bridge - Upgrade Railing & Security Fencing  Roads Asset Planning and Design Grant Funding was included at a cost of $900 000 - the funds to be provided by the Federally funded Central Coast Roads package.

The project was approved eight days/six business days after SHIRA received the letter below that promised "... will take into consideration..." etc.

 (Maybe the Council approval did not involve approving the final design?)

 20 July 2020

After a 2 1/2 month wait, Council finally reply to SHIRA's final position letter dated 5 May 2020. They seem to have "dug-in" with their design but "... will take into consideration all the submissions provided by residents and members of the community, including those relating to the aesthetics of the area, prior to finalising the design for this important safety upgrade project."

 29 May 2020 - submission closing date #2

Final close of date for submissions after a 3 week extension - a 6 week consultation and submission process.

Council reported 223 responses in total.


 27 May 2020 - Meeting with Lucy Wicks

 At the behest of Federal Member Lucy Wicks, SHIRA President Ken Stewart and Vice President Ron Stapleton participated with Lucy in a three-way telephone conference. 

 President Ken was most impressed by how well briefed Lucy was, and her knowledge of the problem which our Residents Association was confronting in relation to the erection of barriers on the Bridge.

 She volunteered that having seen the material provided by Council as an indication of what a wire mesh barrier would look like, she regarded it as not appropriate and advised that she had made her views known to Council Officers. She also indicated she would be prepared to raise the matter on our behalf if so requested.

 It was reported as a forthright, frank and uncomplicated discussion.


 13 May 2020 to End-May - Council, and Lucy wicks want a meeting with SHIRA

Council has contacted the SHIRA President suggesting a meeting between the Engineer and SHIRA.
To date this has not happened as SHIRA wants to consult more with the community.
(This meeting finally happened on 28 August - 3 1/2 months later. It appears the main reason was the Council amalgamation was still sorting out final people for the various Council positions.)


Lucy Wicks is also contacting SHIRA to hear and discuss our community's concerns with the proposed visual amenity of the current bridge design.
(This meeting happened on 27 May.)


 13 May 2020 - submission closing date extension

CCC phoned the SHIRA president advising him Council has extended the time for submissions on the bridge upgrade to 29 May - another 3 weeks!

Again, it's SHIRA's responsibility to inform the Community of this Submission Extension!


 8 May 2020 - submission closing date #1

Closing date for comments from residents and others to Council on the proposed railing design. This was a 3-week consultation period allowed by Council!


5 May 2020 - Letter to Council from SHIRA Committee

Almost 160 emailed comments were sent to the SHIRA Secretary then forwarded to Council.
Another unknow number would also have been emailed directly to Council.

Unfortunately there was insufficient time for SHIRA to canvass the entire Island community in order to create an Island-wide comment on this Bridge project to Council.

Rather, the SHIRA Committee considered the 157 emails seen then sent this letter to Council:



 23 April 2020 - Letterbox Flyer delivered

Now the action begins!

From 17 April to 8 May - 21 days - SHIRA has the task of informing ALL St Huberts residents and property owners, as well as the Daleys Point residents who would be impacted by the Council's suggested designs for bridge safety.

... Then encouraging as many people as possible to provide written comments to Council by the 8 May cutoff - considered to be not enough time to achieve this.



 17 April 2020 - Council Consultation Letter emailed to SHIRA

The mentioned Consultation process begins with the arrival of an email from the Council.

Responsibility for informing the impacted Community is handed to SHIRA, not the Council.



 February 2020 - Contact with Lucy Wicks

The SHIRA President contacted Federal Member Lucy Wicks to find out an update on the funded Bridge project and a projected timeline.

A letter to Lucy from CCC indicted the project was scheduled for the 2020/21 financial year, and that "Consultation with the community will occur in the finalisation of design drawings and prior to commencement of construction works for this safety project."


 Mid-2019 - Lucy Wicks contacts Council

One very concerned resident contacted Lucy Wicks regarding the scheduling of works for the bridge amongst other Island issues.

Lucy contacted CCC and received a letter indicating Council was awaiting receipt of funding documentation in relation to the recent Federal Government's commitment to fund the upgrade of the railing and security fencing for the Bridge.

A project design had been completed  with construction anticipated in April 2020.


 Mid-2018 - some resident's concerns relayed to Lucy Wicks

After everything going quiet, several residents contacted our Federal Member - Lucy Wicks - with their concerns over bridge-jumpers (at night-time what's more!). Lucy contacted SHIRA to see what she could do to help and contacted the acting CEO of CCC Brian Glendenning for an update on the issue.


 27 April 2017 - Letter from Council 

The next contact with Council was the following letter:


To the knowledge of SHIRA, this is the first mention of "security fencing" with Council indicating it would cost "several hundred thousand dollars" and in a future draft program will be subject to Council approval.

Council asks if SHIRA wants a meeting, a request already made by SHIRA almost two months before.



The 8 February 2017 letter clearly expressing a concern with bridge jumping while not raising the need for a jumping barrier, asks for a meeting with Council. All indications are that there was no meeting.


8 February 2017 - Letter to Council 

Bridge-jumping came to a head with SHIRA on 5 February when the son of a previous Island resident sustained a very nasty injury after jumping.

The SHIRA President at the time sent the following letter to Council:





























In the Past...

For so many years, Committee Meeting minutes are littered with mentions of the repainting of the bridge. Constantly Council has "refused" to do it claiming lack of money, but the Committee continued to call for it anyway! (What is Einstein's definition of insanity!)

The issue of bridge jumpers was only briefly mentioned mainly due to a lack of comment from the residents of the Island. There were the occasional comments such as "... fun...", "... dangerous...", ... something needs to be done...", "... residents concerned..." etc.

During this time Council erected various signs such as: 

Police and Council Rangers would be called at times by concerned residents.