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Website last updated: Thursday 10 June 2021

 * Added June 2021 Newsletter
 * Added new Coming Events
        Christmas in July
        AGM 2021 in August

Instant Notices...

June 2021 Newsletter - NOW AVAILABLE in FULL COLOUR  here...
CHRISTMAS IN JULY - (see Coming Events below) First sit-down event in two years. All info here...
2021 AGM NOW HAPPENING - 7:30pm  Thursday 12 August at Cove Hall coming here...
Climate Change & Council - Check it out here... TO BE A MAJOR ISSUE THIS YEAR
OUR Island Bridge update - see "Our Island Bridge" page to find out what's happening.
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to re-afforest the Island here...

Meeting Minutes and MORE - here...
Print a Map of the Island! -  here...
Print a Map of Brisbane Water (and Terrigal Haven) - here...
  • Friday July 16 - 6pm CHRISTMAS IN JULY @ the New Daleys Kitchen - Info here...
  • Thursday August 12 - 7:30pm Annual General Meeting @ The Cove Hall at the traffic lights near Daleys Kitchen - Info here...

St Huberts Island Residents Association FACEBOOK page Facebook - See us on Facebook here.

St Huberts Island Residents Association Inc


7.30pm Thursday 12 August 2021

The Cove Hall, Empire Bay

See Map here 

Minutes will be here...

New Committee  will be here...


This re-scheduled meeting replaces the postponed 2021 Annual General Meeting intended to be held in March 2021, but cancelled due to COVID issues.

(See the reasons for the Postponement here...)

Note that the Committee voted in at this AGM will only be in place for seven months due to the 2022 AGM reverting back to our normal Financial Reporting Year (end February) and AGM month of March (2022).

All AGMs consist of two components:

The General Meeting  for the year

At this meeting, Association members are brought up to date with what has happened since the previous General Meeting/AGM, and where the Association might want to go and do in the future (but decided by the new Committee).

Areas that could be discussed this Meeting are:

  •  The bridge Safety Upgrade - the new fence on our bridge funded by the Federal Government and designed and constructed by Central Coast Council.
  • Canal maintenance - the never ending problem of our canals and their maintenance.
    All pontoon owners on the canals pay an annual fee of (currently) $845 (indexed!) per year to the Council for the purpose of the maintenance of the canals for ALL canal residents. The canals are actually blocks of Council owned land (with their own Lot number) that they are responsible for, and ensure they don't impact on adjoining blocks. The fund will now (June 2021) be at least $500,000 and increases by more than $60,000 per year as pontoon fees are paid!
  • Other discussions such as Greening of St Huberts Island, flooding, and other items raised by members who attend the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting

The sole purpose of this "Meeting" is to vote in the new Committee to take over running SHIRA Inc till the next AGM.

ALL POSITIONS on the Committee are declared vacant and a new Committee is voted in by all the attendees at this meeting. With new Committee members, new ideas are always welcomed as to how we can improve or progress your Association.
Nominations for new Committee positions can be sent to the Secretary before the meeting (form here), or nominations can be taken from the floor on the night of the AGM.
To be considered for election you must be a financial member of SHIRA. The Committee generally meets once a month (as required) and enjoy a drink and a nibble or two while we work on SHIRA business.
The cost to join SHIRA is just $20.00 for 4 years (Membership form here or online here) and you can join or renew membership on the night.

At all times the SHIRA Constitution control proceedings and results.

As mentioned above, this new 2021 Committee will be in place for seven months till the next AGM in March 2022.