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Website last updated: Monday 5 December 2019

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DECEMBER 2019 Newsletter - in FULL COLOUR here and now.
St Huberts Day Family BBQ - Report and photos here.
Report & Photos: Christmas in July @ Daleys Kitchen Here...
Greening St Huberts - Council's plans to re-afforest the Island here...
Climate Change & Council - Check it out   here...
Print a Map of the Island! -  Here...
  • SANTA ON THE WATER -  Monday 23 December  2019. Leaving Marina Cove at 5pm sailing clockwise to all Island canals and reversing course after Sandy Cove. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips#1 - 5pm Saturday February 2020 @ Attunga. Date to be confirmed. The first SunsetSips of the new year. Watch here for more info.
  • Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm Thursday March 12 2020 @ The Cove Hall. Watch here for more info.
  • SunsetSips #2- 5pm Saturday March 2020 @ Beachfront. Date to be confirmed. Watch here for more info.
  • Daylight Savings ends - 3am Sunday April 5 - FALL back from 3am to 2am.
  • SunsetSips#3 - 4pm Saturday April 11 2020 @ Solstice. Plus a MONSTER EASTER EGG HUNT on this Easter Saturday. Watch here for more info.

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General & Annual General Meeting Minutes

This page contains links to the currently digitised minutes of the General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.

As more meetings are held or minutes sourced and digitised, this list will increase.

These meeting files are all in PDF format.
You may be downloading the file to your computer/tablet/smart phone/etc/etc and it will be typically less than 500 kB in size.
Your web browser may open these PDF files directly in a new window/tab, or you may need a PDF reader to open these files.

Adobe Reader is the most common reader, and can be downloaded here


2019: March 2019 Annual General Meeting + Documents
2018: March 2018 Annual General Meeting + Documents
2017: March March AGM June Cancelled December
2016: March March AGM June September  December 
2015:  March     March AGM    June     September      December   
2014: March March AGM  Cancelled    September December
 2013: March March AGM Cancelled September December
2012: March March AGM June September December
2011: March March AGM June September December
2010: March March AGM June September December



As announced in the September 2017 "The Island News", the current Committee has decided to stop holding General Meetings, and only convene each Annual General Meeting.
The reasoning for this decision follows, and future Committees may change this:

"Due to the major changes in our lives regarding social media and the ability to get messages out to residents quickly through our various means of communications, it has been decided by your committee that we will only hold an Annual AGM and no Quarterly Meetings. The Articles of Association that SHIRA operates under, states that the only meeting that is mandatory is an AGM, although if an important issue is apparent then of course we can call a Special Meeting. Also, with all the social activities that we are undertaking, your committee members are always available to discuss any issues or concerns that residents may have.

Our next AGM will be held in February/March when all positions on the committee become vacant and elections are held.
Don’t be shy, if you would like to nominate come along on the AGM night.